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About The Daily Option

The Daily Option was founded in 2019 by Ryan Matthes.

Ryan has passed the Series 3 and Series 30 exams.

He has been registered as an Associated Person of his mentors Commodity Trading Advisor.

His NFA registration is not current.

He is not managing clients funds at this time nor is he accepting solicitation for any type of offers.

The Daily Option is an educational institution and online blog, dedicated to providing second to none knowledge, for the application of trading stocks, options and futures.

We also specialize in helping students attain their Series 3 license.

The Daily Option does not provide trading, financial or investment advice, nothing here should be construed as trading, financial or investment advice.

Trading securities can be risky and you must accept this risk, please look over our disclosure agreement and our terms and conditions.

I am very excited for what we have in store, stay tuned!


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