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Unlock Your Trading Potential with our Unparalleled Options Course!

Our comprehensive Options Masterclass empowers you with the knowledge and insights to make informed decisions. Dive in, think independently, and acquire a lifetime skill set for trading and investment success!


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Handing out fish sustains a person for a day, but teaching them how to fish equips them for a lifetime.

Are you prepared to master the art of financial 'fishing'?

Embark on Your Options Trading Journey Today

When you choose to commence this course, you open the doors to comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of options trading. This learning experience is designed to provide A-Z insights into the most significant aspects of options trading. Your guide on this journey is Ryan, a trading veteran with over two decades of experience, ten of which he specialized in options and futures trading. Although Ryan has passed the Series 3 (National Commodities Futures Exam) and Series 30 (NFA Branch Manager Exam) exams, his registrations are not active, but his expertise remains the same. It's crucial to understand that this course does not provide financial advice but imparts the fundamentals and mechanics of options trading.


Here's a glimpse at the modules included in this Options Masterclass:

  • Broker Selection: Choosing the right broker is the first step towards successful trading.

  • Trading Environment Setup: Learn how to set up your trading environment for maximum efficiency.

  • Technical Analysis: Unravel the mysteries of chart patterns and indicators.

  • Historical/Fundamental Analysis: Understand the influence of past trends and fundamental factors.

  • Options Definitions: Familiarize yourself with the terminology used in options trading.

  • Options Strategies: Explore the different strategies you can employ in various market conditions.

  • Trading Psychology: Develop the mental resilience required for trading.

  • Professional Traders/Emerging Managers (Bonus): Gain insights into the professional trading world as a bonus module.

Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to navigate the complex world of options trading effectively!

Detailed Course Modules

A Closer Look at What You'll Be Learning!


Module 1 - Broker Selection

In this inaugural module, we delve into the significance of selecting the right broker. We'll review various options available to you, explaining concepts such as retail and institutional execution. Additionally, we'll examine the software that we'll use throughout the course and explore a FinTech company that can help expedite your financial growth.

Module 2 - Trading Environment Setup

A correctly set up trading environment is pivotal to avoid information overload and unnecessary indicators. We'll discuss the invaluable role of paper and simulated trading in honing your skills and building confidence before placing your first real money trades. The module concludes with an essential concept that will change how you view the market.

Module 3 - Technical Analysis

No financial education course would be complete without addressing Technical Analysis. While this course focuses on options trading, understanding Technical Analysis is crucial in influencing your decision-making process. We'll cover foundational concepts that will steer your trading success.

Module 4 - Historical / Fundamental Analysis

This module throws light on vital concepts often overlooked by beginner options traders. Every asset class and underlying security has its unique 'personality', and understanding the historical and fundamental aspects of these is key to informed trading decisions.

Module 5 - Options Definitions

We'll traverse through the key options definitions in this module. But remember, the goal here isn't merely memorizing definitions; it's grasping their real-world applications and understanding how they can transform a losing trade into a winning one.

Module 6 - Options Strategies

Here, we hit the core of options trading - the diverse strategies and their applications. With the right knowledge and strategy, options provide immense control over risk management and profit-making in various market conditions. We'll cover the vital strategies and concepts that could potentially help you not just earn for yourself but also manage your clients' funds.

Module 7 - Trading Psychology

Long-term trading success hinges on mastering your emotions and decision-making process. This module focuses on the psychological aspects of trading, discussing common pitfalls, how to avoid and recognize them, and most importantly, how to mitigate their impact.

Module 8 - Professional Traders / Emerging Managers (Bonus)

In this bonus module, we impart insights that took me over ten years and thousands of dollars to acquire. This knowledge, wielded correctly, can shape you into a professional trader, unbounded by limits. We'll discuss the journey to becoming a professional trader and how you can achieve it, using the strategies employed by the most successful hedge fund managers.

Master Fundamentals Before You Trade!

Grasp the essentials of options trading with a solid foundation before you venture into real-money trades.

Understanding the Options Chain

The options chain is an integral part of options trading. Discover the correct way to utilize it to your advantage.

Long Put: A Key Strategy

Gain expertise in the long put, a fundamental strategy you will encounter in the Options Masterclass!

Short Put: Another Must-Know

Add another crucial strategy to your toolkit with the short put, a basic yet essential element to master in options trading.

The Power of Vertical Spreads

Vertical spreads offer exceptional control over risk and the flexibility to go long or short on any publicly traded asset with a derivative contract. Understand the power of these world-class options strategies.

Calendar Spreads (Time Spreads): Flexibility and Profits

Perhaps my favorite strategy due to its adaptability and profit potential. However, remember, without emotional control and robust decision-making, any trade can turn into a loss.

Butterflies: Your New Best Friend in Trading

Get acquainted with Butterflies - when you realize the potential of these spreads in options trading, you'll wonder how you traded without them!

Join The Options Masterclass Today!

Fast-track your learning and accomplish your goals rapidly by investing in yourself. With the power of knowledge, investing in your personal development is always a rewarding decision.

Through the Options Masterclass, you'll be privy to superior education and insights from a seasoned and battle-hardened trader. Trading is a challenging arena where experience often makes the difference. Equip yourself with the advantage of experience today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Be Confident You're Making The Right Decision!

The Daily Option acts as a seasoned catalyst for traders and investors aiming to make a mark in the Hedge Fund arena as Emerging Managers.

We cater to learners and clients across all levels. Our course materials and content are crafted for those interested in acquiring sophisticated skills, such as options trading.

Mastering fields like finance, business, accounting, and particularly intricate skills such as options, requires persistent effort.

Understanding that each individual has their unique pace of learning is crucial.

With this perspective, if you maintain rigorous discipline and dedicated study, you can expect to grasp the fundamental principles within a few weeks to a month.

The true challenge lies in how you navigate the market and manage your decision-making under pressure. This allows for the correct application of options, ensuring you don't become a casualty of your own emotions.

Our Options Masterclass has been meticulously crafted for swift assimilation, ensuring our students and clients can promptly apply their newfound knowledge. This approach also facilitates valuable feedback to improve our services continually.

The Options Masterclass boasts of 135 instructive lessons, encompassing over 11 hours of comprehensive content!

Many individuals often associate options with financial loss, even occasionally leading to debts exceeding initial deposits. This perception creates a fearful aura around options and deters people from taking the crucial first step—educating themselves about the reality of options trading.

Much like any tool, options carry potential risks and rewards. Consider the analogy of a hammer: in the right hands, it's a useful tool, but misused, it can lead to damage. The same is true for options. If utilized without the correct knowledge and approach, options can indeed lead to undesirable consequences. However, with the right education and careful application, they can become a powerful financial instrument.

Options, when wielded correctly, rank among the most potent financial instruments available. Their accessibility across over 180 global markets and unparalleled risk control makes them an attractive choice for many.

Options are used across the board—from retail traders and institutional money managers to central banks. They are employed by businesses, manufacturers, and even real estate moguls. Simply put, options trading is a universal strategy, engaging a broad spectrum of participants.

In line with our commitment to continuous improvement and service, we anticipate the evolution of our courses in response to valuable feedback and industry developments. We actively refine our content, adding or removing elements to maximize value for our students. Additionally, as our expertise expands, we plan to introduce fresh and updated offerings to our course catalog.

We understand that trading, particularly options trading, may not be for everyone. If within the first 14 days you find that the course does not meet your expectations or that this path is not suited to you, we'll gladly provide a 100% refund on your purchase. We want you to have peace of mind knowing that there's absolutely no risk involved.

The distinctive quality of this Options Masterclass lies in the credibility and wealth of experience brought to the table by your instructor, Ryan. He has aced one of the most challenging securities examinations - the Series 3 - not only at his first attempt but with scores that positioned him within the top 1% of candidates nationwide. Ryan's market experience is akin to being battle-hardened, offering you first-hand insights into how premier fund managers minimize risk and curtail losses.

Moreover, Ryan's unique perspective and insights will reveal the reasons why mastering options trading is an unparalleled high-level skill you can acquire. Most importantly, he'll guide you on utilizing options to structure and define risk, mirroring strategies employed by prominent Hedge Funds and Banks. Hence, this course stands in a class of its own compared to what you've seen elsewhere.

If your aspiration is to ascend to the ranks of the most accomplished traders and investors, mastering options will become an indispensable tool in your arsenal. This course offers you the opportunity to comprehend and utilize a high-level skill set, providing superior control over risk and effective capital management. In this journey towards achieving sustained success in trading and investment, your step towards learning options could indeed prove to be a game-changer.

It's commonplace for options traders and investors to flaunt proofs, results, and more proofs. However, notice that many are not licensed! Hence, it's critical to question - if their skills are indeed as superior as they claim and their results legitimate, why haven't they obtained a license and managed billions or at least pursued such a goal?

The answer lies in a pervasive mindset amongst traders and investors – they often limit themselves to trading and managing their own capital. This self-limitation is one of the most significant hurdles hindering a trader's journey towards elite mastery and scaling up in the largest financial playground.

The insights provided in this course are neither fictional nor fabricated. They are based on the bedrock principles of the finance industry, the strategies employed by elite fund managers, and an understanding of the regulations and compliance that are non-negotiable for anyone aspiring to thrive at the highest levels of this industry.

If past experiences of losses in trading options or investing are haunting you, understand that it's NOT your fault!

Many aspiring traders prematurely abandon their journey due to unrealistic expectations. These misguided hopes often arise from short-term success stories peddled by dubious trading 'gurus.' Moreover, there's a prevalent notion that some hidden secret or insider knowledge gives certain individuals an unfair advantage.

Here's the truth: there is no such secret! The genuine pathway to mastery lies in comprehensive education, steadfast discipline, and guidance from an experienced mentor. This is the only proven approach to accelerate your learning and triumph in the trading arena.

There has never been a more opportune moment to acquire a high-level skill like options trading. This isn't merely about mastering a set of tools for personal gain; it's about embarking on a journey that opens up unparalleled possibilities!

Having successfully completed his Series 3 and Series 30, Ryan is perfectly poised to establish and expand his own funds. However, he's momentarily deviating from that path to cultivate this educational platform. His aim isn't just to disseminate knowledge but to create an incubator for talent identification for his future ventures.

Early participants will gain the privilege of working directly with Ryan and reap significant benefits! As we move forward, direct access to Ryan will likely require considerable capital investment, making this educational opportunity truly unique and valuable!

This isn't about taking the word of an anonymous internet persona boasting about X or Y outcome. You're entrusting your learning to someone who not only passed the rigorous Series 3 and Series 30 examinations but did so on the first attempt, with scores placing him among the top 1% of candidates nationwide.

The worth of these licenses is underscored by the fact that the majority of the Forbes Top 50 Hedge Fund Managers hold them. When you learn from such a credentialed expert, you're not merely gaining knowledge, but you're also accessing the level of insight and understanding required to operate at the apex of the financial industry.

This Options Masterclass is meticulously designed and filmed to prioritize clarity and ease of comprehension. It aims to provide you with actionable knowledge and insights that can be implemented immediately!

It's essential to remember, there are no hidden secrets; only those who dedicate themselves to study, demonstrate discipline, and gain a thorough understanding of these financial tools truly excel. On the other hand, those who fall prey to blame, fall into a victimhood mentality, and lack discipline rarely reach their true potential in any field.

The Options Masterclass has been crafted to equip you with the resources and knowledge required to make informed, quality decisions about investing and managing your own finances.

I subscribe to the philosophy of equipping people with the skills to 'fish' for themselves, thereby fostering self-reliance and enabling lifelong prosperity.

The beauty of options trading is its accessibility. Indeed, you can immerse yourself in this comprehensive course just with your mobile device. However, for an optimal learning experience that allows you to align with the software we employ throughout the course, we recommend utilizing a laptop or desktop computer. This way, you can effectively learn, evolve, and hone your trading processes.

To initiate your journey, simply choose your preferred pricing option below, which will guide you to a checkout page for your purchase.

If you're still weighing your options, we offer a complimentary 1-on-1 consultation via Zoom. During this session, I will personally address your queries and strategize with you to define a path towards achieving your objectives in options trading!

If you're reading this or exploring your options, you already understand the power and potential results that can be achieved through them.

It's undeniable that some of the most skilled and successful traders, investors, institutions, and banks are currently leveraging options.

Unfortunately, many of these institutions and their strategies are out of reach for retail investors due to the high cost of entry. We're talking about minimum investments ranging from $250,000 to $10,000,000 for managed accounts!

In my Options Masterclass, I delve into the very same strategies and techniques employed by these influential players to effectively manage risk and generate returns for their clients.

The value of this course easily exceeds $250,000 for individuals who commit themselves and invest the necessary time to develop these skills.

However, mastering this craft isn't something that can be accomplished in a week. It requires time, study, discipline, and an unwavering determination to succeed at the highest level.

From my perspective, you have three viable options to consider...


Option #1:

Maintain the status quo and take no action.

If you've already secured a comfortable retirement and have no concerns about financial stability during your golden years, perhaps options strategies aren't necessary for you.

But if you aspire to elevate your financial knowledge to an elite level, you have two other alternatives...

Option #2:

Take the do-it-yourself approach.

You can attempt to learn from the countless articles, videos, and publications that are published every day, hoping to stumble upon the right insights.

With tremendous effort and thousands of hours invested, it's possible to make progress on your own.

Option #3:

Allow me to do the heavy lifting for you.

Leverage my years of experience, backed by my successful completion of the Series 3 and Series 30, and align yourself with my expertise!

I have already put in the work and learned from failures so that you don't have to.

Not to mention, there's a 14-day money-back guarantee! You truly have nothing to lose.

The choice is yours to make!

Lifetime Access: Unlock Endless Opportunities

When you enroll in this Options Masterclass, you gain more than just access to the course – you secure a lifetime pass to ongoing learning. Experience the freedom to revisit the materials at your convenience, benefit from updates and exclusive additions that I continually incorporate, and stay at the forefront of options mastery throughout your journey.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee: Risk-Free Learning

Your satisfaction is my utmost priority. If, within the first 14 days, you find my teaching or content unsatisfactory for any reason, rest assured that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. Your investment is protected, allowing you to embark on this educational adventure with complete peace of mind.

Over 11 Hours of Enriching Content: Wisdom Unleashed

This Options Masterclass is an immersive dive into a world of wisdom and knowledge. Unleash your understanding of options strategies while gaining practical insights into market fundamentals. With over 11 hours of meticulously crafted content, this course equips you with the tools to make informed decisions and elevate your financial acumen.

Start Your Journey Today!

Take Advantage of Our Risk-Free 14-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Here's What You'll Gain from the Options Masterclass:

Broker Selection:

Gain the knowledge and guidance to choose the right broker for your trading needs. ($497 Value)

Trading Environment Setup:

Learn the essential steps to set up an optimal trading environment for maximum efficiency and success. ($497 Value)

Technical Analysis:

Master the art of technical analysis and leverage it to make informed trading decisions. ($497 Value)

Historical/Fundamental Analysis:

Understand the importance of historical and fundamental analysis in evaluating market trends and making strategic choices. ($697 Value)

Options Definitions:

Demystify the world of options by gaining a comprehensive understanding of key terms and concepts. ($997 Value)

Options Strategies:

Unlock a wide range of proven options strategies that can enhance your trading outcomes. ($2,997 Value)

Trading Psychology:

Develop the mental resilience and discipline needed to thrive in the fast-paced world of trading. ($997 Value)

Bonus: Professional Traders/Emerging Managers:

Gain exclusive insights from seasoned professionals, accelerating your path to success. ($39,997 Value)


Total Value: Over $47,000

 Now, let's explore the immense value that the Options Masterclass delivers:

Imagine if all this program did was:

  • Provide you with invaluable insights into the strategies employed by banks and large funds. Wouldn't that alone be worth it?

  • Instill the confidence you need to take immediate action and start trading and investing. Wouldn't that be worth it?

  • Equip you with a comprehensive game plan to scale any trading strategy you choose. Wouldn't that be worth it?

  • Empower you to generate sustainable profits on your terms, for a lifetime. Wouldn't that be absolutely priceless?

Throughout my trading and investing journey, I have invested over $250,000 in my education.

This includes valuable lessons learned from mistakes, losses, failures, mentorships, masterclasses, education, and persistent trial and error.

Given this extensive experience, I wholeheartedly believe that the value offered in this deal is truly remarkable, even at the price of $47,176.

Unlock all of these incredible resources and opportunities today for a single payment of just $297.

Don't wait any longer ā€“ click the button below to embark on your journey towards success. Get started now and seize this opportunity without delay!

The Prices Reflect Discounted Rates!


Take advantage of the limited time offer with highly discounted rates for the Options Masterclass! As The Daily Option introduces our brand and first products to the market, we are thrilled to provide this exclusive opportunity at significantly reduced prices. Act now to secure your spot and lock in these discounted rates.
Furthermore, as an early client and first adopter, you will have the unique advantage of working directly with the Founder and CEO, Ryan Matthes. As our education platform expands and we pursue our own funds, this exclusive opportunity to collaborate with Ryan will be unavailable to anyone else. Don't miss out on this privileged experience.
Act now to capitalize on these discounted rates and the unparalleled access to the expertise and guidance of our Founder and CEO. Join us on this journey of growth and success. Enroll in the Options Masterclass today before this limited time offer expires!

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Lifetime Access

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

135 Lessons

Over 11 Hours of Content

Instant FULL Access

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